1. charlampidisgruber:

    My sister-in-law and I just made a playlist about our love for Steven to jam out to in the car.


  2. the-queen-of-things:

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting him to read the damned shit! Quick, I need something witty to say!

    Lol, high five to ya. Let’s hope we will get more pics and vids


  3. dirtygrandtheftautoconfessions:

    Hey guys; earlier I posted a confession that said that Steven Ogg’s age was 53. Thanks to im-senorita, I’ve been alerted to the fact that this is in fact not true and despite what Google, Famous Birthdays and the GTA Wikia say, he is in fact 42 according to this article from October last year (


  4. sabatdt:

    man we need more pictures and videos of Steven Ogg, we are starving or something.


  5. The fact that I have a crush on a man, who is just as old as my dad freaks me out a lot…


  6. trevorlyhills:

    what is with the old geisers of gta v looking damn fine in their 50s????????


  7. los-santos-customs:

    "hey let’s put 2 gross white old men with sexy voices and nice booties in this game and just hide clues that they’re in a homosexual relationship so that people love them and get really obsessed with them till it destroys their life!" -some asshole at rockstar games


  8. im-senorita:

    "#throwbackthursday When @StevenOgg aka Trevor from GTA V split my lip by shoving a bagel in my mouth during a shoot" [x]


  9. prestonhymas:



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